February 2020 floods and footpaths damages

Recent weather storms Ciara and Dennis have really put a strain on our local communities and the Airedale valley was once again flooded in many parts included Bingley. Throughout February, weeks of rain fell on multiple occasions in just a few hours and brought flash flooding all around. Now that the weather is starting to become more clement, we can see the damages left behind, especially along paths.

Bingley Rugby Club Flooded in February 2020

Storm Ciara brings floods at Bingley Rugby Club (9th February 2020) - Photo by Stuart Moorhouse

Glovershaw Beck

High waters in Glovershaw Beck, near Shipley Glen, have swept away revetments and parts of the path that were only repaired after flooding in 2017. At the moment the path is still passable with care, but that may change soon. Walkers along this part of the route are advised to consider alternatives.

Glovershaw Beck diversion

Find out more about the Glovershaw Beck diversion on A Dales High Way website
Glovershaw Beck Path after 2020 floods

The path at Glovershaw Beck is not really safe anymore since the February 2020 floods

Bradford & Bingley rugby fields

The path between the end of B&B rugby field and Cottingley Beck footbridge is damaged and part of it has now vanished in the river following the recent floods. You can still make your way around but you have to make a big leap across a small stream in a boggy area. On top of that the Cottingley Beck footbridge has been seriously uprooted and is now unstable.

Update from Bradford Countryside and Rights of Way

Bradford Countryside and Rights of Way are looking into both sections affected and are already on the case. See the answer below:

Which walking routes are affected?

Below is a list of walking routes which are affected by the issues on both sections

Walk TitleWhich section affected?
Bradford Fairtrade Way - Shipley to BingleyBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
Between Two Waters and the Seven Arches AqueductBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
Aire Valley Woodland and WaterBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
Norr HillBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
Bingley's Hidden SecretsBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
The Welcome Way Bingley LoopBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
Harden HikeBradford & Bingley Rugby fields
Welcome WayGlovershaw Beck
Dales High WayGlovershaw Beck
Bradford to Ilkley - The Dalesway LinkGlovershaw Beck

Where can I walk around Bingley?

Moderate Walks in Bingley

We have a range of medium walks which you can do in half day.

Hard Walks in Bingley

Looking for something challenging? Maybe a training walk for your next Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge? Take a look at our range of hard walks!

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