In January 2015, Bingley acquired the status of Walkers are Welcome town. It is now part of a national network of communities endorsed for their amenities, opportunities and hospitality for walkers and which can promote themselves under the Walkers are Welcome brand. As well as encouraging the health benefits of walking, Walkers are Welcome status can also help to boost the local economy by attracting visitors and increasing footfall.

Bingley joins Baildon and Burley in Wharfedale in the City of Bradford Metropolitan District as well as Otley in the Leeds City Council area to make this part of West-Yorkshire one of the most welcoming places in the country for walkers! As close neighbours, we keep regularly in touch and in 2016 we launched a joint long distance walk called the Welcome Way. The route connects all four communities and is the only example of its kind in the network.

Walkers are Welcome Wall Hanging - Bingley Contribution

Bingley's contribution to the national wall hanging of Walkers of Welcome towns. Created by Doreen Thompson

“Walkers are Welcome is a way to make sure more people ARE aware of the great outdoor opportunities that Bingley and the surrounding areas have to offer. Walking is a great way to improve health and also to increase footfall into the area boosting the local economy.”

Christine McCabe, Bingley Walkers are Welcome Chairperson

Bingley Walkers Are Welcome Banner

How did we acquire the status of Walkers are Welcome town?

We couldn’t have achieved this status without the help and support of local and national organisation such as Bingley Medical Practice, the Bradford branch of the Ramblers’ Association, Bingley Arts Centre, The Canal and River Trust, Friends of Prince of Wales Park, Friends of St Ives, and Bingley Community Council Group. They provided the initial financial help and expertise we needed to prepare the bid in front of the national executive committee. Also we had to show grassroots support for the scheme and this was demonstrated through a petition which was signed by more than 1300 people and many local business owners.

“Bingley's application for Walkers are Welcome accreditation was unanimously agreed. The executive committee was very impressed with the strength of the application. We are delighted to welcome Bingley into the network and it is clear that the town and surrounding area has much to offer to walkers.”

Anne Sandell, Secretary of Walkers are Welcome Town Network UK

Today we are still working closely with our initial supporters and local businesses have also endorsed us. Look for the WaW logo in their shop window throughout the town and you know that you will be welcome in there! So a huge thanks to all of those helping us fulfilling our aims and goals.

What's our mission?

The Walkers are Welcome status requires meeting various criteria including demonstrating popular support for the initiative, indicating a commitment to ensuring that the local footpath network will be maintained in good condition and adequately marketing the status.

Our steering committee is committed to achieve all of the above and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Please contact us here or look at the minutes of all our previous meeting for more information.


Take a look at our minutes from the meetings and find out when the next meeting will take place!

In the Press

We've been mentioned quite a few times in the local press. Have a look!

Our officers and steering committee members

Our constitution requires us to hold an annual AGM and elect three officers. They can be seconded by a maximum of height steering committee menbers.

Below are all our members and their roles as of our last AGM which was held on 19th October 2023.

ChairpersonChristine McCabe
SecretaryMaureen Carney
TreasurerSue Dennis
Steering committee membersCedric Farineau, Arthur Baxter, Jenny Hinsley, Andrea Ellis, Heather Weatherhead, Susan Hart, Linda Howell, John Kata, David Hanson, Sarah Njeri

Other roles within the group are as follows:

Walk LeadersHeather Weatherhead, Linda Howell, Sue Dennis, Susan Hart, Michael McCabe, Christine McCabe, Cedric Farineau, John kata, David Hanson
WebmasterCedric Farineau
Social MediaJohn Kata, Cedric Farineau, Christine McCabe

AGM minutes

You can find the minutes of our annual AGM meetings below

YearDocument to download

2 Responses

  1. Debby Enness

    Not sure about joining committee as I am new to Bingley but would like to join the club on walks.
    How do I do this?
    Many thanks

    • Bingley WaW

      Hi Debby! Sorry for the late reply. We are currently planning to resume our activities from June 2021 with our monthly walks to start again on Sunday 13th June. You can also add Monday 30th August (Bank Holiday weekend) in your diary as the date for our 4th Walking Festival! More details to come in the following weeks.

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