Like many places across the country, public toilets in Bingley were threatened to be closed for ever. However, thanks to the local community and engagement from local people our town will keep these facilities open for the foreseeable future.

Note: Bingley Walkers are Welcome wants these toilets to remain open and we will support any campaign going towards that direction. When nature calls, walkers of all ages will always be grateful to be able to use public toilets!

As of Saturday 24th October 2020, Bingley town centre has public toilets once again!

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Two Public Toilets in Bingley

Myrtle Place Public Toilets

Location: Jubilee Gardens, between Bingley Arts Centre and Bingley Swimming Pool

Opening time: from 9.00am to 18.00pm, 7 days a week.

Facilities: there are two toilets and both are wheelchair-accessible and have baby-changing facilities

Cost: 20p.

St Ives Estate Public Toilets

Location: next to the playground

Opening time: from 9.00am to 16.00pm, 7 days a week.

Facilities: These toilets are unattended.

Cost: Free to use

Bingley St Ives Estate

Visit our page about this country park near Bingley! Full of useful information and packed with walking ideas.

Local Community Engagement

Below are some links to various articles showing how the local community came together to keep these premises open over the years.

Myrtle Place Toilets:

St Ives Estate Toilets

[Bingley Hub Community Magazine – 26th June 2014] St Ives Bingley Public Toilet Closure