The Countryside Code

Since the lockdown, walking has became a really good way of doing some extra exercise. Unfortunately, this has put more pressure on our countryside as more and more people have been out and about. To make sure that our countryside is protected for generations to come, the Government published in 2014 the Countryside Code. It’s a tool to help us all feel confident in enjoying time outdoors in a safe and respectful way. The code changed slightly over the years (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic) and below are the most up to date instructions:

Otley Road Pathway Improvements

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We are really delighted to update you on footpath improvements involving the Dales High Way, the Millennium Way and the Welcome Way along Otley Road across Rombalds Moor. Until recently, these routes all required walkers to brave the edge of the very busy Otley Road near Weecher Reservoir, with traffic whizzing by, for about 200 yards.

The four local Walkers are Welcome groups (Burley Otley, Bingley and Baildon) offered to work with…

February 2020 floods and footpaths damages

Recent weather storms Ciara and Dennis have really put a strain on our local communities and the Airedale valley was once again flooded in many parts included Bingley. Throughout February, weeks of rain fell on multiple occasions in just a few hours and brought flash flooding all around. Now that the weather is starting to become more clement, we can see the damages left behind, especially along paths.