Bingley Market is a bustling hub of activity in the heart of our charming town. Taking place every Friday and Saturday, the market draws visitors from far and wide who come to browse the stalls, sample local foods, and pick up unique gifts and souvenirs.

The market is a vibrant mix of stalls selling everything from fresh produce and meats to handmade crafts and gifts. Visitors can browse through stands of locally grown fruits and vegetables, sample artisan cheeses and breads, and pick up handmade jewellery, pottery, and other unique items.

Market Stall for Bingley Walkers Are Welcome

Walkers are Welcome stall at Bingley Market

A little bit of history

Bingley market has a long history, dating back to the 13th century. The market was first established in 1212 when Bingley was granted a charter by King John to hold a weekly market, which was an important source of income for the town. The market started as a place for trading livestock, primarily sheep and cattle, and gradually expanded to include a wider range of goods such as fresh produce, textiles, and household items. In the 18th century, the market played an important role in the woollen trade, providing a platform for weavers to sell their wares and merchants to purchase raw materials.

Over time, the market continued to adapt and evolve to meet the needs and interests of the community. The introduction of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in the 19th century enabled easier transportation of goods to and from Bingley, resulting in the growth and success of the market. In the post-war era, the market renewed its focus on fresh produce, with local farmers bringing in their fruits and vegetables to sell to local residents.

When and Where is Bingley Market

What day and what time is Bingley market?

Friday Outdoor Market – Every Friday, runs from 9am to 4pm

Bingley Artisan Market – Every Saturday, runs from 9am to 4pm

Trading at Bingley Market

Bradford & District MarketsBradford & District Markets is the organisation responsible for setting up traders with a stall on the market. You need to get in touch with them if you are interested in trading at the Bingley outdoor market.

R.S.H. Artisan Markets LogoFor all enquiries regarding the Saturday's Artisan markets, you need to get in touch with R.S.H Artisan Markets. They hold markets across various location in Yorkshire and Lancashire and took over Bingley market in December 2022.

Where is Bingley market?

Town Square
Main Street
West Yorkshire
BD16 2LZ

About the old Bingley Market Hall and Butter Cross

In 1212, King John granted Bingley's initial market charter, and it's possible that the butter cross, featuring five steep circular steps, was built around that time. A second market charter was granted by William and Mary in 1693, and the original market hall was constructed. Later, in 1753, two additional bays and an archway with a dated keystone were added, and the roof of the butter cross was built at this time. Until 1888, the market hall and butter cross were situated in Main Street, but were moved to Prince of Wales Park to accommodate a road widening initiative. John Brown was paid £16 6s. 0d. to rebuild them in their new location. In 1984, Bingley Civic Trust developed plans and gathered funds to relocate the structures to the centre of Bingley. On September 22, 1984, Bingley Civic Trust returned the restored Grade II Listed Building to Bradford Council.

Bingley old market and buttercross by Regine Geldhof

View of the old cover market and stone Butter cross on Market Square, Bingley

Myrtle Park

Once you've done a bit of shopping on the market, why not visit Myrtle Park, a nearby urban park? Have a nice stroll and enjoy the various features. We also have a list of self-guided walks starting are going through the park.

Five Rise Locks

Leeds and Liverpool Canal is home to the town's crown Jewel, the famous Five Rise Locks. This is definitely worth a visit and is not too far from the town centre. A perfect family walk after your shopping on the market!