In Bingley, we welcome walkers of all shapes and sizes! Our four legged friends and their owners will find our town to be a great place for dog walks. If you intend to visit Bingley with your pet, we've put together a list of walkies and our friends at Towards a dog poo free Bingley – a local organisation encouraging dog owners to be responsible – have also helped us with listing dog friendly businesses.

Dog Paw Print & Walkers are Welcome

Dog Walks in Bingley

Below are some of our favourite walks in Bingley. They are suitable for any walkies too 🙂

Dowley Gap: A 2.32 mile circular walk starting in Gilstead towards the canal locks at Dowley Gap, then following the river up to the rowing club near Saltaire to finish back in Gilstead. Perfect walk to let your dog run about.

Discovering Bingley (Orange path): A 3.77 mile circular long walk going around all the best parts of Bingley (up and down!) Great walk to discover the town but also to let your dog run on most parts of it.

St Ives, Bingley: A short 1 mile walk around the pond and back to the car park.

Around St Ives, Bingley (Purple path): This is a much longer walk compared to the one above (4.8 miles) but is a great stroll for humans and dogs alike.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is also a great place for walkies! And according to Canal & River Trust, the Bingley Five Rise Locks is one the best dog-friendly canal sites in the UK! Well of course we agree with that.

Myrtle Park in Bingley

This urban park in the middle of Bingley is perfect for a dog walk. Check our page for more info about the place!

Bingley St Ives Estate

Visit our page about this dog friendly country park near Bingley! Full of useful information and packed with walkies ideas.

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Dog Friendly Cafés & Pubs

After a nice walk, what better than a nice rest in a place where people will not look twice when you enter with your four legged friend!

Tarquins Tea Rooms

Myrtle Park
BD16 1HJ
Tel: 07881 108576
The Five Rise Locks Café

2 Beck Lane
Bingley BD16 4DS
Tel: 01274 569664
The Ivy Kitchen

St Ives Grove
BD16 1AT
Tel: 01274 515887
Nimbus E-Cigarette Emporium and Coffee Lounge

15 Park Road
BD16 4BD
Tel: 01274 270340
Higher Ground

Hirst Lane
West Yorkshire
BD18 4NQ
Tel: 01274 597770
The Malt

Wilsden Road
BD16 1BG
Tel: 01535 272357
The Glen

Gilstead Lane
BD16 3NL
Tel: 01274 563589
The Acorn Inn

The Green
BD16 3AW
Tel: 01274 563497
Potting Shed Cafe (Part Of Woodbank Nurseries)
112 Harden Road
BD16 1BE
Tel: 01274 562971
The Old White Horse Brasserie

Old Main Street
BD16 2RH
Tel: 01274 921903
The Brown Cow

Ireland Terrace
BD16 2QX
Tel:01274 564345
The Fisherman's Pub

Wagon Lane
BD16 1TS
Tel: 01274 510479
The Potting Shed

94 Main Street
BD16 2JH
Tel: 01274 512635
Birches Free House

Eldwick Memorial Hall
Otley Road
BD16 3EQ
Tel: 01274 561265
The Golden Fleece Inn

38 Long Lane
BD16 1HP
Tel: 01535 273970
Bradford & Bingley Sports Club

Wagon Lane
BD16 1LT
Tel: 01274 775441
The Dick Hudsons

Otley Road
BD16 3BA
Tel: 01274 775441
The Craft House, Bingley

109-111 Main Street
BD16 2HT
Tel: 01274 945 835
Café and Workshop

What is Green Dog Walkers?

Dog owners and non-dog owners alike have finally the opportunity to get united over the issue of dog fouling. Having started in Falkirk, Scotland in 2010 the “Green Dog Walkers" Campaign is now making its way down to Yorkshire. The idea is simple, it's a friendly, non-confrontational way for dog owners to ‘make a pledge’ to clean up after their dog on their favourite dog walks.  They then get a free green armband and extra poo bags to give to others.

Bingley adopted the scheme back in 2013 and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. It all started when a group of mums took the idea to the council. They pointed out that Bingley had the highest number of complaints about dog fouling in the Shipley area and the third highest in the whole of Bradford. Now signs have appeared all over the town, especially in sensitive spots such as parks, snickets and play areas. Again they are friendly reminders to dog owners, not a threat.

Julie Ramsden, one of the mums who started the campaign in Bingley sums up the situation:

We want people to be able to enjoy walking and playing in Bingley without having to worry about what they might tread in. We’ve been amazed how supportive people are. Most dog owners pick up and want other people to know that.

This initiative is great because it's all about encouraging people to be responsible for their actions on their dog walks and similar campaigns in other towns have reduced dog fouling by 99%. So if you find this a great initiative, make the pledge or like their Facebook Page! The more people supporting the campaign the more chance of success there is.

Note: in 2018, they changed their name to “Towards a dog poo free Bingley"

Green Dog Walkers Pledgers

Pledgers of the Green Dog Walkers scheme in Bingley

How to get involved:

Make the Pledge:

Pledge forms can be picked up from Bingley library or drop us an email request & we can send one to your inbox. Completed pledge forms can be sent back by email or by hand to Gilstead or Bingley post offices.

Get in touch with the Bingley Green Dog Walkers group:

Email logo

Show your support by emailing BingleyGreenDog [at]

facebook logo

Like the campaign at

Report dog fouling in Bradford:

If you want to report dog fouling please call Bradford Council on 01274 431000 with as much information as possible.