Car Park update (July 2021): Back in March 2021 car parks were reopened after being closed to visitors during lockdown. However, following recent changes, car parking charges have been introduced. It isn’t free anymore to park in most places in the estate.

Heritage Open Days Walk at St Ives: Join our walk leader Susan, a Bingley St Ives local resident expert for a Heritage Walk on Sunday 11th September. Meet at 10.30am on lower car park.

St Ives Estate is a Country Park located on the outskirt of Bingley, near the village of Harden, West Yorkshire. Currently being looked after by Bradford Council, this 550 acre (271 hectare) land is a real gem for all the people in the area and beyond. It is also the largest Bradford District park! For the nature lovers, it's a wildlife heaven with a mix of wooded areas, pine plantations, meadows, moorland and ponds. For the casual ramblers, there are many paths crisscrossing the estate, making it very dog-friendly. The estate is also the home to an 18 hole golf course, a massive play area, an archery, an equestrian centre, a café – The Ivy Kitchen – and many picnic areas. It's a very popular place, so no wonder that an estimated 300,000 people come each year to visit it!

Yew Trees in St-Ives Estate, Bingley

Spooky yew trees at St Ives!

Friends of St Ives Bingley LogoThe Friends of St Ives (FOSI) were formed in 2003 and are helping Bradford Council maintaining the public estate and welcoming visitors alike.

An estate full of features and surprises

Although there are records of various owners of the land, the most famous ones are definitely the Ferrand's family. Over the centuries, they built most of the features we can still see today. Most importantly, they planted all the trees that you can find in the estate. There are many different species including oaks, yews, ash, pines, larch or rhododendrons. Today the estate belongs to Bradford City Council and is home to many private companies. Below is a list of the most famous features accessible to the public:

Druid's Altar

This rocky outcrop over-looking the Aire Valley on the southern edge of Bingley is said to have had a druidic worshipping tradition. However, little archaeological evidence of this exist except for its name. It's a  lovely spot though, really worth a visit.

Bingley St Ives Golf Course

One of the many golf courses in the Aire Valley, the Bingley St Ives Golf Club is home to a 18 hole course taking a large part of the estate.

Coppice Pond

This man-made lake was probably built about monastic times and Walker Ferrrand did modify it in the early 1800’s. It has been a fishery since 1960's. If you want to fish there, you can obtain a yearbook directly from Bingley Angling Club.

Baxter’s Pond

Restored in 2003, this small pond is accessible to the public and is a perfect spot for a quiet and relaxing break while discovering the estate.

Lady Blantyre's Rock

Lady Blantyre was one of the Ferrand's family member who lived on the estate in the 19th century. This rock was her favourite spot and a memorial stone below it was erected after her death by her son in law.

William Busfeild Ferrand Obelisk Monument

William Busfeild Ferrand was one of the owner of the estate and son in law of Lady Blantyre.

Chain Saw Carvings

This Sculpture Trail of chainsaw carvings was created in 2005. Over the years some of these wooden sculptures have disappeared unfortunately. It's still good fun though to try to find them all around the estate!

Betty's Lodge

This hexagonal architecture feature called Betty's Lodge is a grade II listed building and can be found on Blind Lane as you go up towards the main estate. Today, it's a private property.

Location and facilities

How to go to Bingley St Ives Estate?


Bingley St Ives Estate
BD16 1AT

By bus

Bus Stop Icon

Four bus services stop by the entrance to St Ives Estate on Harden Road. The 616 & 619 from Bradford Interchange or the K17 & K19 from Keighley Bus Station. For bus timetable information contact Metro on 0113 2457676 or

By train

Train icon

Bingley Train Station is only 15-20 mins walk or 5 mins taxi ride from the estate entrance. There are regular services from Leeds, Bradford or Skipton. Check our travelling to Bingley page for more information.

By car

Car Icon

When arriving in Bingley, from Main Street follow directions to Harden, across Ireland Bridge over the River Aire and go up Harden Road for about 1 mile. You will find the main entrance on the right. There is a second entrance on Keighley Road too but can be a more difficult access on a busy day.

Car Park Charges

Parking Icon

Parking in St Ives used to be free. However, since July 2021 charges have been introduced as follows: 

  • £1 for up to 2 hours
  • £2 for up to four hours
  • £3 for over four hours.

About the charges:

Funds generated will help pay for the upkeep of the car park, roads and other areas of the estate. A number of bays at each entrance will offer free parking for a maximum of two hours. Blue badge holders may park in any area free of charge, and a number of bays are designated for disable parking. Parking charges will apply everyday between 9am and 5pm.

  • Car park 1 – Bottom car park: it is near the main southern entrance on Harden Road. This is the biggest car park and there is now a pathway running along the road which takes you all the way up to the play area.
  • Car park 2 – Play area car park: it is near the playground and is a bit smaller. You will need to drive all the way up so beware of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Car park 3 – Coach house car park: it is located near the Bingley St Ives Golf Club, behind the Coach House.
  • Car park 4 – Coppice pond car park: This is the smallest car park but is very handy if you are just going for a stroll around the pond. However it is not easy to access and is often busy.

Which facilities can you find in Bingley St Ives Estate?

Below are the facilities that the public can use for free:

Toilets IconToilets: located next to the playground, they are open from 9.00 to 16.00, 7 days a week. These toilets are unattended.

Bird Hide IconBird Hide cabin: located near Coppice Pond, it's a very quiet place and a perfect break with the family to watch the many bird species coming to enjoy some seeds on the bird feed.

Playground IconPlayground: this play area is one of the biggest in the district. It has all sorts of equipment and is suitable from toddlers to teenagers.

St Ives Visitor Centre & Herb Garden

Friends of St Ives Bingley LogoToday the Friends of St Ives (FOSI) are helping Bradford Council maintaining the public estate and welcoming visitors alike. This group of volunteers have now a home within the estate under the Visitor Centre and Herb Garden. Please pay them a visit, they are a real welcoming bunch and the centre is child friendly.


Cross Gates Lane
West Yorkshire
BD16 1AT

Grid Reference: SE 092 389

Opening time: Saturday & Wednesday 11:00 to 15:00

The Ivy Kitchen

Icon Coffee

There's only one café on the estate called The Ivy Kitchen (formally known as Lady B’s Cafe). It's a perfect place for a break after a stroll around the pond, a play with the kids in the play area or a long walk on one of the many paths criss-crossing the estate. The café is also dog friendly, so don't hesitate to bring your four legged friend in!


St Ives
BD16 1AT
Tel: 01274 515887

Grid Reference: SE 091 389

Opening time:

  • Monday to Sunday 9:30 to 16:00

Walks and Walking in Bingley St Ives

The estate is a perfect walking ground for all fitness levels and ages. From a gentle stroll around Coppice Pond to a long walk around the estate boundaries, you will find a route that suits you. There are regular guided walks and walking events happening in and around the estate and we have listed some below. For those who prefer discovering by themselves, we also have a list of self-guided walks.

Dog Walks in Bingley

Bingley is a dog friendly town and St Ives Estate is the perfect place for walkies.

Bradford Metropolitan Council LogoThe estate is a great place to be discovered by yourself. Bradford Leisure & Parks Services have put together a great leaflet showing various features and three different walks:

The Altar View Walk

Old Reservoir Walk

Water Garden Stroll

Walkers are Welcome logo - Small Size Bingley Walkers are Welcome have also created some walks in and around the estate and you can find them on the map above and listed below.

  • A walk around St Ives Estate
  • Wildlife Walk – Deer and Riverside
  • St Ives and the Black Hills
  • A ramble in the Harden Valley

Which Ordnance Survey Map for Bingley St Ives?

The Explorer Ordnance Survey (O.S.) map for Bingley St ives is 288 Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale. All the self-guided walks described below would need this map. This is a double sided map and Bingley is located in the top left corner on one side. Because of that, for the long distance walks, you might also want to get the adjacent Explorer O.S. maps: Explorer OL21 South Pennines - Burnley, Hebden Bridge, Keighley & Todmorden & Explorer 297 Lower Wharfedale & Washburn Valley - Harrogate & Ilkley Moor.
Ordnance Survey - 288 Map

"Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale" 288 Map - Cover and Back

Self-Guided Walks

There are many possible combinations of walks within the estate but below are some of our favourites.

Walk TitleDifficultyDistance
Moss Carr Road to St Ives ParkTiming: approx. 2 hours
3.5 miles - Linear Walk
Wildlife WalkTiming: 1 hour 30 minutes
3.9 miles - Circular Walk
St Ives & the Black HillsTiming: 2 hours
4.15 miles - Circular Walk
A Walk Around St Ives Estate BoundariesTiming: 2 hours
4.75 miles - Circular Walk
Lady Blantyre's Rock and the Ferrand's MonumentTiming: approx. 2 to 3 hours
5 miles - Circular Walk
A ramble in the Harden ValleyTiming: 5 hours
10.4 Miles - Circular Walk

Linear Walk – 3.5 Miles – 2 hours

From the edge of Keighley to the beautiful Bingley St Ives Park, this walk will take you through the great Yorkshire countryside landscape.

Circular Walk – 3.9 Miles – 1 & 1/2 hour

An easy wildlife walk which will take you along the riverside and through woodlands. Good chances to see deer and kingfishers!

Circular Walk – 4.75 Miles – 2 hours

St Ives estate near Bingley is a popular destination for all types of leisure activities. It’s a big wooded estate and is owned by the Bradford & City Metropolitan District. This walk will take you all around its boundaries.

Circular Walk – 4.5 Miles – 2.5 hours

A great walk combining history and nature and going through the St Ives Estate and the Black Hills above Harden. There is quite a bit of a climb half way through but the views are rewarding!

Circular Walk – 5 Miles – 3 hours

Starting with a steep climb through the back streets of Keighley, the walk reaches its highest point in St Ives Estate. Then it is quite level before starting your return over Harden Moor and a steep descent back to Keighley.

Circular Walk – 10.4 Miles – 5 hours

The Harden Valley, in the heart of the Brontë Country is definitely a little gem of a ramble on a nice sunny day! You won’t be disappointed by the variety of features it has to offer: woods, waterfalls, viaduct, moors and of course the views!

Guided Walks and Walking Events

There are quite a few themed guided walks organised in the estate including bird, bat, tree and fungi walks. They last about 3 hours each and are led by specialists. There are also regular guided walks led by various organisations starting in the estate.

Health Walks in Bingley

There are currently two weekly health walks in Bingley St Ives lasting between 1 and 2 hours.

Heritage Open Days Walk at St Ives Estate

Our September walk will be led by Susan Hart who lives on St Ives Estate. She will offer a free…

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Heritage Open Days Walk at St Ives Estate
Bird Walks at St Ives Estate

Bird Walks at St Ives Estate

Here is an exciting guided bird walk organised in Bingley St Ives Estate this Spring by the Airedale & Bradford…

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