The town of Bingley gained the “Walkers are Welcome" status in January 2015 and there is a good reason for it! With its beautiful landscapes, vibrant community and local support from businesses it's a perfect place for a morning stroll, a day walk or a stopover on one of the long distance walks crossing the town. So either join us on one of the regular guided walks organised in and around town or find some inspirations for one of your next walks in Bingley on this page.

If you've created a walk in Bingley or around, we would be very interested to hear from you. So don't hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to feature it on this page.

Dog Walks in Bingley

For our four legged friends and their owners, we also have a page about dog friendly places and dog walks in Bingley
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Come and visit Bingley, there are plenty of things to do and see!

Walks ideas in Bingley

Situated in verdant Airedale, the town and surrounding area offers great walks for those who love the great outdoors, of all ages and abilities. Travelling to Bingley is very easy thanks to its two rail stations (Bingley and Crossflatts) and good bus links.

Below are some of the main reasons why you should pay us a visit for your next walk:

  • Stroll along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal towpath and wonder at the magnificent Five Rise Locks, a feat of 18th century engineering still in daily use.
  • Visit Bingley’s three parks: Myrtle Park in the centre with a Riverside Walk along the banks of the Aire, Prince of Wales Park, a woodland treat on the way to Eldwick, and the St Ives Estate with children’s adventure playground. Or hike between all three parks and enjoy spectacular views from both sides of the valley across Airedale and beyond towards the Pennine hills.
  • Explore Bingley’s history and heritage: the town was first granted its market charter by King John in 1212. The unique Market Hall and Butter Cross was completed in 1753 by Thomas Lister “at the considerable expense” of £12.13.10½. The stocks are said to have been the last in use in Yorkshire; 1870 is given as the date.
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Once your rambles are done for the day, settle down in one of Bingley’s cosy, family friendly and welcoming town centre establishments! With a wealth of independent cafés, pubs, bars, deli’s and restaurants, Bingley is a great town to stay before or after your walk. Many of these places display the Walkers are Welcome logo in their window, so feel confident walking in these establishments and expect a warm welcome!

Which Ordnance Survey Map for Bingley?

The Explorer Ordnance Survey (O.S.) map for Bingley is 288 Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale. All the self-guided walks described below would need this map. This is a double sided map and Bingley is located in the top left corner on one side. Because of that, for the long distance walks, you might also want to get the adjacent Explorer O.S. maps: Explorer OL21 South Pennines - Burnley, Hebden Bridge, Keighley & Todmorden & Explorer 297 Lower Wharfedale & Washburn Valley - Harrogate & Ilkley Moor.
Ordnance Survey - 288 Map

"Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale" 288 Map - Cover and Back

Self Guided Walks

There are many walks you can find on the web which are either going through Bingley (linear walks) or start and finish in Bingley (circular walks).  No car? Not to worry as Bingley has two railway stations and makes a perfect car free and train walk destination! Below is a selection of such walks. If you have a walk which you would like to be featured on this site, please contact us.

Easy Walks in Bingley and Surroundings - 2 hours max

Most of the easy walks listed below can be done under two hours with some of them feasible under one hour. Some are even family and pram friendly, so take a look there is something for every one!

Fact sheet
  • Number of Easy Walks: 18
  • Total Distance: 46.9 miles
  • Total Time: 24 hours and 15 minutes
  • Walk TitleDifficultyDistance
    Photo Walk - Family Clue Walk in Bingley, West-YorkshireTiming: approx 45 mins
    1.1 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeBingley Camera Club and Bingley Walkers are Welcome have teamed up to create this great photo walk. This is a perfect car free walk and a fantastic family activity! The aim is find all the 13 letters from the photo clues and then find the answer to our riddle. Have fun!
    Bingley & LocksTiming: approx 1/2 hour
    1.2 miles - Linear Walk
    Gowalking Keighley Logo - Small Size From crossflatts to Bingley along the canal towpath, this family and pram friendly walk is ideal to discover the Five and Three Rise Locks of Bingley. Finish with a nice stroll into town for a deserving break!
    Short Family Friendly Walk in Myrtle ParkTiming: approx 1/2 hour
    1.2 miles - Circular Walk
    Gowalking Keighley Logo - Small SizeMyrtle Park is a real gem in the middle of Bingley and this walk will show you all the beautiful aspects of it. From band stand to river bank, there is something for everyone in this family and pram friendly walk!
    Beckfoot and back along the River Aire in BingleyTiming: approx 1 hour
    1.5 miles - Circular Walk
    Aire Rivers Trust Logo - SmallBeckfoot packhorse bridge is a special place along the River Aire. This easy short walk will show you most of the features along the river. Look out for wildlife and fish!
    Bingley Myrtle Park & Woods Adventure WalkTiming: approx 1 hour
    1.9 miles - Circular Walk
    Gowalking Keighley Logo - Small SizeA variation of the previous walk, this one is for the more adventurous with paths taking you up the hill above the River Aire bank. A great way to discover beyond Myrtle Park without much effort!
    The Bingley Five Rise Locks Family WalkTiming: 1 hour
    2.1 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThis easy canal walk which features one of the ‘seven wonders of the waterways’ mainly uses the towpath. It is suitable for everyone and is also pram friendly!
    Goitstock Woods & Harden BeckTiming: approx. 1 hour and 30 mins2.25 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64A relatively level walk along the valley bottom of the Harden Beck, walking mainly through woodland on unsurfaced footpaths which will lead you to the Goitstock Waterfall. Not suitable for prams or wheelchairs
    A Walk from the Towpath - SaltaireTiming: approx. 1 hour and 30 mins2.25 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64A small circular walk with a short cut option from the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Saltaire taking in the wooded area of Trench Wood up to Shipley Glen and back along the old Shipley Glen Tramway tracks.
    Escaping the city in SaltaireTiming: 1 hour and 30 mins
    2.5 miles - Circular Walk
    Aire Rivers Trust Logo - SmallSaltaire is a World Heritage site but away from the historical village, the outskirt is definitely a worthwhile trip. Along the river and the canal you will find a beautiful and quiet walk to do. Look out for the wildlife and the fish!
    East Riddlesden Hall to BingleyTiming: approx. 1 hour and 30 mins2.8 miles - Linear Walk
    Gowalking Keighley Logo - Small SizeFrom the iconic East Riddlesden Hall National Trust property to Bingley, there is only one way and it’s along the canal! This easy walk has a lot to offer and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
    Crossflatts - A Sir Fred Hoyle WalkTiming: approx. 1 hour and 30 mins2.9 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThis walk is all about the places where young Sir Fred Hoyle spent time observing the many wonders of engineering and manufacturing factories surrounding Bingley at the time.
    Bradford Fairtrade Way - Shipley to BingleyTiming: approx. 1 hour and 30 mins3 miles - Linear Walk
    fairtrade way logoAn ideal family walk with plenty of industrial heritage and natural history, as well as some close up views of the magnificent structures along the Bingley bypass road.
    Micklethwaite and the Three and Five Rise LocksTiming: approx. 2 hours3.5 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64A urban walk on the fringe of the countryside with lots of interest. You’ll go via the typical Dales village of Micklethwaite, finishing along the towpath of the Leeds Liverpool canal.
    Fields & Farms North of EldwickTiming: approx. 2 hours3.5 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64Quite an easy walk with no steep hills, walking mainly on farmland footpaths and along reservoirs to the north of Eldwick.
    Moss Carr Road to St Ives ParkTiming: approx. 2 hours3.5 miles - Linear Walk
    Gowalking Keighley Logo - Small SizeFrom the edge of Keighley to the beautiful Bingley St Ives Park, this walk will take you through the great Yorkshire countryside landscape.
    Discovering Bingley - A walk around the townTiming: 1 & 1/2 hours3.6 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThis easy walk will take you all around town on a walk of discovery! It’s one of our favourites and is perfect for first time visitors or residents alike.
    Wildlife WalkTiming: 1 hour 30 minutes3.9 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeAn easy wildlife walk which will take you along the riverside and through woodlands. Good chances to see deer and kingfishers!
    Between Two Waters and the Seven Arches AqueductTiming: 1 hour 30 minutes4.2 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThe River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool canal form an easy to follow route on this walk. You will also see a local architectural wonder known locally as the “Seven Arches Aqueduct".

    Moderate Walks in Bingley and Surroundings - Half a day

    All the moderate walks listed below can be done within half a day or less. Most of them go through the surrounding countryside and have some great views. All good reasons to try them!

    Fact sheet
  • Number of Moderate Walks: 16
  • Total Distance: 80.65 miles
  • Total Time: 31 hours
  • Walk TitleDifficultyDistance
    Old Snickets, Park & Moorland - A Sir Fred Hoyle WalkTiming: Approx. 2 hours3.2 miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeWe imagine that young Fred Hoyle would have used many of the old snickets going up and down the town on this walk. The highlight of this treck is walking up to Gilstead Crags where the view from this moorland over the Aire Valley is quite breath-taking!
    East Morton, Sunnydale and the GlenTiming: approx. 2 hours3.5 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64A hilly walk, through a mix of woodland and farmland starting at the centre of East Morton and going past the Sunnydale Reservoir. This walk is not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.
    Morton East and WestTiming: Approx. 2 hours and 30 mins4 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64An ideal family walk between Crossflatts and Riddlesden offering good views along the valley. Walking on mainly field paths, ginnels, estate roads and the canal with a bit of hill climbing towards West Morton.
    Around St Ives EstateTiming: Approx. 2 hours and 30 mins4 miles - Circular Walk
    visit bradford logoThis walk involves quite a bit of climbing, across fields, woodland and moorland. You will pass by the Coppice Pond, Lady Blantyre’s rock and the Ferrands Memorial before visiting Druids Altar with its spectacular views of the Aire Valley.
    Above the Aire ValleyTiming: Approx. 2 hours and 30 mins4 miles - Linear Walk
    visit bradford logoThe walk links the towns of Keighley and Bingley. It starts with a steep uphill climb before levelling out high above the Aire Valley with great views from Druids Altar. Then its downhill through St Ives Estate to reach Bingley town centre.
    Gilstead - A Sir Fred Hoyle WalkTiming: 2 hours4.2 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeGilstead is where young Fred Hoyle lived. Most importantly, you will see the house where he lived in with his mother, a cottage belonging to the Milnerfield Estate. The walk also includes Hirst Wood and part of Shipley Glen.
    St Ives & the Black HillsTiming: 2.5 hours4.5 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeA great walk combining history and nature and going through the St Ives Estate and the Black Hills above Harden. There is quite a bit of a climb half way through but the views are rewarding!
    Aire Valley Woodland and WaterTiming: Approx. 2 hours4.5 miles - Circular Walk
    visit-bradford-64An ideal family walk between woodland and water with plenty of industrial heritage and natural history, as well as some close up views of the magnificent structures along the Bingley bypass road.
    A Walk Around St Ives Estate BoundariesTiming: 2 hours4.75 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeSt Ives estate near Bingley is a popular destination for all types of leisure activities. It’s a big wooded estate and is owned by the Bradford & City Metropolitan District. This walk will take you all around its boundaries.
    Lady Blantyre's Rock and the Ferrand's MonumentTiming: Approx. 2 to 3 hours5 miles - Circular Walk
    visit bradford logoStarting with a steep climb through the back streets of Keighley, the walk reaches its highest point in St Ives Estate. Then it is quite level before starting your return over Harden Moor and a steep descent back to Keighley.
    Bradford Fairtrade Way - Bingley to BaildonTiming: Approx. 2 to 3 hours5 miles - Linear Walk
    fairtrade way logoThis scenic linear walk between Bingley and Baildon incorporating canal and moorland has about 200m of steady climb to reach the top of Baildon Moor. But you won’t be disappointed by the views there! So really worth the effort.
    Crossroads to BingleyTiming: Approx. 2 to 3 hours5.3 miles - Linear Walk
    Gowalking Keighley Logo - Small SizeThis walk in the heart of the Brontë Country will surprise you with the wonderful scenery and views it has to offer. So enjoy and don’t forget to have a deserving break at the end in Bingley!
    Norr Hill via Wilsden – Bingley StartTiming: 2 and a half hours5.9 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeNorr Hill is a prominent feature above the Aire Valley and at 262m/859ft of altitude it’s definitely worth a visit to see the great views from there! At the top is a triangulation pillar, so another excuse to make this walk in particular and maybe start the habit of “trigbagging"?
    Norr HillTiming: 3 hours6 miles - Circular Walk
    visit bradford logoA surprisingly rural walk through what most would consider an urban area. After an easy start, it soon changes as you start climbing to the top of Norr Hill (282m/925ft). Then it’s level or downhill on your return, finishing along the River Aire.
    Bingley's Hidden SecretsTiming: 4 hours8.3 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeA great walk for those wishing to explore the wonders of Bingley and its hidden secrets taking in the River Aire, moorland, woodland and the canal. The views are also breathtaking as you will be going up and down the hills all around the town.
    The Welcome Way Bingley LoopTiming: 4 hours8.5 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThe Bingley Loop is a 8.5 mile circular walk through parts of the Aire Valley, visiting lanes, packhorse trails and snickets of Eldwick, Micklethwaite and Bingley.

    Hard and Challenging Walks in Bingley and Surroundings - Full day or more

    Looking for a tough challenge? Why not try one of the hard walks we have listed below? They are perfect if you are training for something like the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

    Fact sheet
  • Number of Hard and Challenging Walks: 12
  • Total Distance: 218 miles
  • Total Time: 102 hours and 30 minutes
  • Walk TitleDifficultyDistance
    A ramble in the Harden ValleyTiming: 5 hoursHard
    10.4 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThe Harden Valley, in the heart of the Brontë Country is definitely a little gem of a ramble on a nice sunny day! You won't be disappointed by the variety of features it has to offer: woods, waterfalls, viaduct, moors and of course the views!
    Ilkley Moor WalkTiming: 5 hoursHard
    11.8 Miles - Circular Walk
    Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeIlkley Moor is one of the most iconic moors in Yorkshire and there are many features on this walk that might leave you speechless. And of course, the views from the top are quite something!
    Bradford to Ilkley - The Dalesway LinkTiming: 5 to 6 hoursHard
    12.5 Miles - Linear Walk
    LDWA LogoFrom Bradford Cathedral to Shipley and Saltaire village, this route is quite urban yet very leafy. The route then goes up through the woodlands of Shipley Glen, over farmland and across Bingley, Burley and Ilkley Moors to finally descends to Ilkley and to the start of the Dales Way at Ilkley Old Bridge on the River Wharfe.
    The Stanza Stones - Hebden Bridge to BingleyTiming: 7 to 8 hoursHard
    14.1 Miles - Linear Walk
    stanza stones logoThere is only one stone on this walk, Mist Stone on Nab Hill between Oxenhope and Warley Moor Reservoir. Approaching Bingley, you will go through the wonderfull Goitstock waterfall near Harden and the Cottingley Woods.
    The Stanza Stones - Bingley to IlkleyTiming: 7 to 8 hours
    14.5 Miles - Linear Walk
    stanza stones logoYou will visit three stones (Dew Stone, Puddle Stone and Beck Stone) as well as the Poetry Seat. Starting in Bingley with the Five Rise Locks, the gentle towpath walk becomes a climbing up to Rombalds Moor, crossing Ilkley Moor and finishing in Ilkley.
    Pennine Bridleway - Calder Aire LinkTiming: 9 hoursHard
    17 Miles - Linear Walk
    LDWA LogoAn enjoyable ride or ramble through 12 miles of the Bradford district and 5 miles of the Calderdale district joining St Ives at Bingley with the Pennine Bridleway National Trail at Clough Foot on the Widdop Road north of Heptonstall in Calderdale.
    A Dales High Way - Saltaire to Skipton section 1Timing: 9 hoursHard
    17.7 Miles - Linear Walk
    LDWA LogoThis exhilarating and challenging 90 miles route across the glorious high country of the Yorkshire Dales with over 13,900 ft of ascent starts in Saltaire near Bingley. However, you don't have to do it all in one go! It's divided in six sections and the first one from Saltaire to Skipton goes through part of Bingley.
    Manorlands MeanderTiming:
    9 hours
    18 Miles - Circular Walk
    LDWA LogoA contrasting 18 miles route of moor and valley. Starting from Haworth and going over Penistone Hill, through Oxenhope and passing the Hewenden reservoir and railway viaduct and the waterfalls of Goitstock.
    Harden HikeTiming: 10 to 12 hoursChallenging
    22 Miles - Circular Walk
    LDWA LogoUsing a mix of woodland, fields and moorland paths/tracks, the walk wich is 22 miles long makes a complete circuit of Rombald's Moor, giving extensive views of Airedale and Wharfedale.
    Burnley to Bingley
    Timing: 10 to 12 hoursChallenging
    23 Miles - Linear Walk
    LDWA LogoThe route also known as "B2B", with the highest point of the walk being Nab Hill at 1479 feet / 450 meters above sea level is a high level traverse of the Pennine watershed beginning in the Calder Valley at Burnley and finishing in the Aire Valley at Bingley.
    Myrtle MeanderTiming: 10 to 12 hoursChallenging
    25 Miles - Circular Walk
    LDWA LogoTo the south of Bingley and starting in Myrtle Park, this walk which is 25 miles combines rarely used paths with more popular routes. Places visited include Egypt, World's End, Queensbury and Haworth.
    Bingley Parish Boundary WalkTiming: More than 12 hoursChallenging
    32 Miles - Circular Walk
    LDWA LogoA circuit of Bingley parish, based on the ancient practice of 'beating the bounds'. Starting from Nab Wood near Cottingley, the route goes over Rombalds Moor via Keighley Gate, Riddlesden, Barcroft, Black Moor, Hewenden Viaduct and Willsden.

    Sources of self-guided walks

    We would like to credit the walks listed above to their right owners. So discover a bit more about them below.

    Bingley Walkers are Welcome Walks

    We have a selection of self-guided walks in Bingley for you. We aim to add even more in the forthcoming future.

    Visit Bradford Tourist Office Walks

    The local tourist office has put together a series of circular and linear self-guided walks for visitors and residents alike.

    Bradford Fairtrade Way

    Go:Walking Keighley Walks

    Go:Walking Keighley have put together a series of self-guided walks throughout the Aire Valley.

    Aire Rivers Trust Logo

    Aire Rivers Trust Walks

    Aire Rivers Trust has put together a selection of downloadable walks along our river for us to enjoy!

    The Stanza Stones Trail

    The Stanza Stones is a cultural initiative featuring six stones carved with Simon Armitage’s poems and laid in the landscape of the South Pennines.

    Long Distance Walkers Association Logo

    The Long Distance Walkers Association

    To the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA), any walk over 20 miles is recognised as a long distance walk.

    Walking Books

    The Bingley & District Local History Society is the editor of various walking booklet in and around Bingley. They describe pleasant walks of historical interest around Bingley. They generally return to the start point and each takes about 90 minutes of gentle walking. They are available by post for £2 – or £1 if you attend one of their events. The Walk Books are also generally available from The Yorkshire Gift Shop on Main Street.

    For more information, visit this page

    Bingley and District Local History Society Logo

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