The town and surrounding area, situated in verdant Airedale, has two rail stations (Bingley and Crossflatts), good bus links and is very accessible by car with plenty of car parks and parking space in the centre. And for the very adventurous, you can even access via the Leeds and Liverpool canal! So travelling to Bingley shouldn't be too complicated.

Table of Content - Travelling

Access to Bingley - Road, rail and canal

Which means of transport will you choose to visit Bingley?

By train

Bingley is located on the Metro Airedale Line between Leeds/Bradford and Skipton making the town a very accessible from the major Northern cities. Even London is only a step away! And with its sister railway station Crossflatts you are spoiled for choice.

Train stations addresses

We are often asked for the Crossflatts or Bingley train station postcode so walkers can use it in their phone or satnav to find their location. So here they are:

Bingley railway station

Wellington Street
BD16 2NA

Grid Reference: SE 108 391

Crossflatts railway station

Keighley Road
West Yorkshire
BD16 2RZ

Grid Reference: SE 103 402

Click on the map to see their location!

Train Walks

If you are looking for a car free train walk starting in Bingley or Crossflatts railway station, check this page!

Approximate off peak journey times by rail:

Trains to BingleyTravelling TimeChange
London2 hours 40 minutes1 change
Manchester1 hour 20 minutes1 change
Carlisle2 hours 20 minutesNo change
Settle50 minutesNo change
Lancaster1 hour 30 minutesNo change
Morecambe2 hoursNo change
York1 hour1 change
Sheffield1 hour 30 minutes1 change

Both Bingley and Crossflatts railway stations are located in Zone 3 of the West Yorkshire Metro Rail network within easy and direct reach of Leeds or Bradford. To see a map of the train network, go to the Metro website

Local journey times by rail (approximate)

Trains to BingleyTravelling timeChange
Leeds18 minutesNo change
Bradford15 minutesNo change
Skipton20 minutesNo change
Shipley6 minutesNo change
Saltaire4 minutesNo change
Keighley6 minutesNo change
Ilkley45 minutes1 change
Baildon20 minutes1 change
Burley-in-Wharfedale35 minutes1 change
Airedale Train Line

Bingley is on the Airedale Line

By bus

The local bus network will help you reach close by neighbourhoods and towns not serviced by train. It's ideal if you want to do a long walk to or from these places and don't want to come back all the way on foot. For any buses information, again visit the Metro website.

Local journey times by bus (approximate)

Buses to BingleyTravelling timeChange
Harden6 minutesNo change
Wilsden12 minutesNo change
Cottingley6 minutesNo change
Cullingworth30 minutesNo change
Riddlesden7 minutesNo change
Eldwick9 minutesNo change
East Morton8 minutesNo change
Sandy Lane15 minutesNo change

Main bus routes and timetables

Route theSHUTTLE 662 – Keighley to Bradford via Bingley, Saltaire – Click here for timetable

Route Airedale 60 – Keighley to Leeds via Bingley, Shipley – Click here for timetable

Bingley bus route map

Bus routes in and around Bingley

By car

It is very easy to access Bingley by car especially since the opening of the bypass on the A650 between Cottingley and Crossflatts. There is ample parking in town and below is a map of their location and capacity. For further information about parking in Bingley, please visit the Bradford District Council website.

Sir Fred Hoyle Walks

The bypass is named after the Bingley born astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle. Learn more about his early life on our website!

On the canal

If you are a boater, you probably already know the famous Bingley Five Rise Locks on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. One of the main tourist attraction in  town, this industrial heritage feature was opened in 1774 and has seen thousands of narrow boats going through its doors ever since. Today the Canal & River Trust is in charge of its maintenance and we highly recommend that you pay a visit to the site. The locks are only 11 miles from Leeds out of the 127 miles to Liverpool.

However the canal is not just for boaters as the towpath is open to anyone and you can walk or cycle at a leisurely pace along it, We recommend that you check our Bingley Five Rise Locks Family Walk  for further information – you can now download an interactive app

Canal & River Trust Bingley App

Download the Canal & River Trust Bingley Five Rise Locks Interactive App!

Take time to visit the town!

Once your rambles are done for the day, settle down in one of Bingley’s cosy, family friendly and welcoming town centre cafes.

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