Autumn Walks in Bingley and Surroundings

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The days are now shorter and despite the clock changing, there is no doubt we are seeing less light. Does it mean we shouldn't go out and enjoy our beautiful town and its surroundings. Of course not! And actually autumn walks can be the best you will do during the year.

Colours and Nature Changing

It's all about colours and we are lucky in Bingley to be surrounded by beautiful parks and woods such as the Prince of Wales Park and St Ives estate. You might have to wrap up a bit more, put on a waterproof jacket and wear adequate walking boots but the rewards will be there. There is nothing better than a nice walk on a crisp and sunny autumn day:  leaves of all colours falling, mushrooms of all sorts sprouting and just looking at nature changing.

An Autumn Walk in Bingley

Group of people on an autumn walk

If you are looking for an easy walk full of surprises, we highly recommend the “Wildlife Walk". It goes along the River Aire bank for its first part and not only will you get a chance to meet all sorts of wildlife (including deers and kingfishers if you are lucky) but also because it's a rather wooded area, there is a rainbow of colours there! Our chairwomen, Christine did it the other day with a local walking group called the “Bingley Little Theatre Strollers" and took some great pictures full of autumnal charms.

Fallen leaves on a path in Bingley

Colourful autumnal scenery of fallen leaves - by Christine McCabe

Admiring the view

And even on a gloomy day, there is something different. Have you ever walked in a thick fog and then suddenly finding yourself in a clear area overlooking the surrounding valley? One of the best spots for that  in Bingley is the Druid's Altar in St Ives Estate. Many local people know this place but last year I took a bunch of bloggers on a walk there and their reaction was great. They instantly loved the place and we stayed on the Altar for over half an hour just admiring the view of the Aire Valley above Bingley. We all finished at the Brown Cow pub and had a well deserved meal and drink(s).

So if you are considering visiting Bingley, don't hesitate to come in autumn!

Self-Guided Walks in Bingley and Aire Valley

We currently have a great selection of walks in Bingley and surroundings. From a pram friendly walk to a hardcore ramble, there is something for everyone!
View from Druid's Altar in Bingley St Ives Estate

View of Baildon Moor from Druid's Altar

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