Are you looking for a hard or challenging walk in Bingley and surroundings? Something you start early in the morning and finish late in the evening? Maybe you are after a good training walk for a long distance walking challenge like the Yorkshire Three Peaks? You’ve found the right page for it!

Listing of hard & challenging self guided walks in Bingley & surroundings

Walk TitleDifficultyDistanceSource
A ramble in the Harden ValleyTiming: 5 hoursHard
10.4 Miles - Circular Walk
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The Stanza Stones - Hebden Bridge to BingleyTiming: 7 to 8 hoursHard
14.1 Miles - Linear Walk
stanza stones logo
The Stanza Stones - Bingley to IlkleyTiming: 7 to 8 hours
14.5 Miles - Linear Walk
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Pennine Bridleway - Calder Aire LinkTiming: 9 hoursHard
17 Miles - Linear Walk
Manorlands MeanderTiming:
9 hours
18 Miles - Circular Walk
Harden HikeTiming: 10 to 12 hoursChallenging
22 Miles - Circular Walk
Burnley to Bingley
Timing: 10 to 12 hoursChallenging
23 Miles - Linear Walk
Myrtle MeanderTiming: 10 to 12 hoursChallenging
25 Miles - Circular Walk
Bingley Parish Boundary WalkTiming: More than 12 hoursChallenging
32 Miles - Circular Walk

Sources of hard and challenging self-guided walks

Walkers are Welcome logo

Bingley Walkers are Welcome Walks

We have a selection of self-guided walks in Bingley for you. We aim to add even more in the forthcoming future.

The Stanza Stones Trail

The Stanza Stones is a cultural initiative featuring six stones carved with Simon Armitage’s poems and laid in the picturesque landscape of the South Pennines.

Long Distance Walkers Association Logo

The Long Distance Walkers Association

To the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA), any walk over 20 miles is recognised as a long distance walk.

Which Ordnance Survey Map for Bingley?

The Explorer Ordnance Survey (O.S.) map for Bingley is 288 “Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale”. All the easy self-guided walks described below would need this map.
Ordnance Survey - 288 Map

"Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale" 288 Map - Cover and Back

Circular Walk – 10.4 Miles – 5 hours

The Harden Valley, in the heart of the Brontë Country is definitely a little gem of a ramble on a nice sunny day! You won’t be disappointed by the variety of features it has to offer: woods, waterfalls, viaduct, moors and of course the views!

Linear Walk – 14.1 Miles – 7 to 8 hours

There is only one stone on this walk, Mist Stone on Nab Hill between Oxenhope and Warley Moor Reservoir. Approaching Bingley, you will go through the wonderfull Goitstock waterfall near Harden and the Cottingley Woods.

Linear Walk – 14.5 Miles – 7 to 8 hours

You will visit three stones (Dew Stone, Puddle Stone and Beck Stone) as well as the Poetry Seat. Starting in Bingley with the Five Rise Locks, the gentle towpath walk becomes a climbing up to Rombalds Moor, crossing Ilkley Moor and finishing in Ilkley.

Linear Walk – 17 Miles – 9 hours

An enjoyable ride or ramble through 12 miles of the Bradford district and 5 miles of the Calderdale district joining St Ives at Bingley with the Pennine Bridleway National Trail at Clough Foot on the Widdop Road north of Heptonstall in Calderdale.

Circular Walk – 18 Miles – 9 hours

A contrasting 18 miles route of moor and valley. Starting from Haworth and going over Penistone Hill, through Oxenhope and passing the Hewenden reservoir and railway viaduct and the waterfalls of Goitstock.

Circular Walk – 22 Miles – 10 to 12 hours

Using a mix of woodland, fields and moorland paths/tracks, the walk wich is 22 miles long makes a complete circuit of Rombald’s Moor, giving extensive views of Airedale and Wharfedale.

Linear Walk – 23 Miles – 10 to 12 hours

The route also known as “B2B", with the highest point of the walk being Nab Hill at 1479 feet / 450 meters above sea level is a high level traverse of the Pennine watershed beginning in the Calder Valley at Burnley and finishing in the Aire Valley at Bingley.

Circular Walk – 25 Miles – 10 to 12 hours

To the south of Bingley and starting in Myrtle Park, this walk which is 25 miles combines rarely used paths with more popular routes. Places visited include Egypt, World’s End, Queensbury and Haworth.

Circular Walk – 32 Miles – More than 12 hours

A circuit of Bingley parish, based on the ancient practice of ‘beating the bounds’. Starting from Nab Wood near Cottingley, the route goes over Rombalds Moor via Keighley Gate, Riddlesden, Barcroft, Black Moor, Hewenden Viaduct and Willsden.

Easy Walks in Bingley

If you feel these walks are too much for you, don't worry we want everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. So take a look at our selection of easy walks.

Medium Walks in Bingley

Not what you were looking for? Maybe a half a day walk is a better option for you. We have a range of medium walks which are more likely to suit you in that case!

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