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St Ives estate near Bingley is a popular destination for all types of leisure activities. It’s a fairly big wooded estate for the area and is owned by the Bradford & City Metropolitan District. This walk will take you all around its boundaries.

Difficulty: Moderate – approx 2 hours – 4.75 Miles
Toilets: Attended public toilets located on Myrtle Place (by the market square)
Refreshments: there are many shops, cafés, restaurants and pubs in town but below are specifics businesses which we recommend if you go on this walk. Feel free to visit their site and contact them.

WaW supporters along the walk

A traditional Yorkshire pub near Ireland Bridge serving locally renowned beers and great food

A tea room and ice cream parlour located in the middle of Myrtle Park

The Ivy Kitchen Walkers are Welcome logo - Small Size

A coffee shop near Coppice Pond in St Ives Estate

Map, elevation profile and downloadable files

Where to start?

Bingley Railway Station

Wellington Street
West Yorkshire
BD16 2NA

Grid Reference SE 108 391

Elevation profile

Downloadable Files

Directions - A Walk Around St Ives Estate Boundaries

Beck Lane in Bingley leading to pack horse bridge
View of Harden Beck pack horse bridge from Beck Lane

Starting from Bingley railway station, go towards Myrtle Park (see walk “Discover Bingley” for more info about the town centre features) and once you arrive at the old pack horse bridge, take the road across the ford going up towards St Ives estate. Once in the estate, you’ll make your way towards Cuckoo Nest before arriving at Coppice Pond. Enjoy the bird hide and feeding stations there before heading towards Lady Blantyre’s Rock. As suggested by the commemorative stone there, this was the favourite spot of Mr Ferrand’s mother in law, Lady Blantyre who was said to spend all her Summers reading under it.

The Ferrand Obelisk in St Ives Estate, Bingley
Obelisk dedicated to William Busfeild Ferrand

Behind the rock, you’ll also find an obelisk this time dedicated to William Busfeild Ferrand, Lady Blantyre’s son in law. The area used to be much more open but today the views are blocked by mature trees. None the less, if you fancy a break there are some picnic tables around and it’s quite protected from the wind. Once you’ve left that spot, it’s all uphill until you have to cross one of the golf course greens. At that point, you should see an opening in the estate’s wall. Behind it runs Altar Lane road where you can appreciate a view over the Aire Valley. From there, either you go down the road or you follow a path behind the wall – I prefer the path as it gives you better views.

View from Druid's Altar in Bingley St Ives Estate
View of Baildon Moor from Druid's Altar

After a while, you should arrive at a cross road. Here I advise you to take a little detour and go to see the Druid’s Altar, giving you fantastic views over the valley. Then come back and carry on your walk walking down the hill towards Bingley. You will finally leave St Ives estate and arrive on a busy road. In front of you is the excellent Brown Cow pub and is perfect for a last pint before going back to the town centre. Otherwise cross Ireland Bridge on your left and straight after the bridge take a pathway on your right which runs along the River Aire bank. You can go back to the town centre up any of the steps you see on your left or carry on all the way towards Myrtle Park. Then just make your way back to the station.

Intesting fact: look out for the wooden crafted statues of mystical  characters and animals doted all around the St Ives estates.

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