Unfortunately, we can’t provide our routes on Ordnance Survey (O.S) maps – digital or printed format – at the moment as there are copyrights and licences cost associated. This is not something we can currently afford. However, most of our walks are provided with a downloadable file of the route which can be used with either a mobile mapping application or a GPS device. They are available in the following format:

Icon Mobile Map Navigation

They have been created using a digital mapping software called Quo Mapyx and as such might not be as accurate as on the ground tracking. Having said that, all digital routes are based on Ordnance Survey maps and therefore the margin errors should be minimal.

Note: when using and following these routes on any devices, common sense should be required. In addition, we recommend that you acquire hard copies of Ordnance Survey maps for our walks. 

What are the types of file format?

GPX Files

GPX is an open source format which is used to describe waypoints, tracks and routes. It's also knows as GPS Exchange Format and is based on XML schema design. As such, location data is stored in tags and can be interchanged between GPS devices, software and mobile applications. You can also store other information such as elevation or time. 

Icon GPX File Format

KML Files

KML format (Keyhole Markup Language) was originally developed for use with Google Earth application. It is also based on the XML schema design. However, geographic annotation and visualization data can be stored as tags in either two-dimensional maps or three-dimensional Earth browsers. Would be mostly compatible with mobile applications.

Icon KML File Format

MMO Files

MMO files are essentially map overlays compatible with Memory-Map software – MMO stands for Memory Map Overlay. Mostly compatible with GPS devices, they are useful to create routes, marking GPS points, and plotting real-time location information on a map.

Icon MMO File Format

Where can you find these files?

Below is a list of all the self-guided walks we have on this site which feature these downloadable files (GPX, KML & MMO)

Walk TitleDifficultyDistance
Photo Walk - Family Clue WalkTiming: 45 mins
1.1 miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeBingley Camera Club and Bingley Walkers are Welcome have teamed up to create this great photo walk. This is a perfect car free walk and a fantastic family activity! The aim is find all the 13 letters from the photo clues and then find the answer to our riddle. Have fun!
The Bingley Five Rise Locks Family WalkTiming: 1 hour
2.1 miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThis easy canal walk which features one of the ‘seven wonders of the waterways’ mainly uses the towpath. It is suitable for everyone and is also pram friendly!
Discovering Bingley - A walk around the townTiming: 1 & 1/2 hoursEasy
3.6 miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThis easy walk will take you all around town on a walk of discovery! It’s one of our favourites and is perfect for first time visitors or residents alike.
Wildlife WalkTiming: 1 hour 30 minutesEasy
3.9 miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeAn easy wildlife walk which will take you along the riverside and through woodlands. Good chances to see deer and kingfishers!
Between Two Waters and the Seven Arches AqueductTiming: 1 hour 30 minutesEasy
4.2 miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThe River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool canal form an easy to follow route on this walk. You will also see a local architectural wonder known locally as the “Seven Arches Aqueduct".
St Ives & the Black HillsTiming: 2.5 hoursModerate
4.5 Miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeA great walk combining history and nature and going through the St Ives Estate and the Black Hills above Harden. There is quite a bit of a climb half way through but the views are rewarding!
A Walk Around St Ives Estate BoundariesTiming: 2 hoursModerate
4.75 Miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeSt Ives estate near Bingley is a popular destination for all types of leisure activities. It’s a big wooded estate and is owned by the Bradford & City Metropolitan District. This walk will take you all around its boundaries.
Norr Hill via Wilsden – Bingley StartTiming: 2 and a half hoursModerate
5.9 Miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeNorr Hill is a prominent feature above the Aire Valley and at 262m/859ft of altitude it’s definitely worth a visit to see the great views from there! At the top is a triangulation pillar, so another excuse to make this walk in particular and maybe start the habit of “trigbagging"?
Bingley's Hidden SecretsTiming: 4 hoursModerate
8.3 Miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeA great walk for those wishing to explore the wonders of Bingley and its hidden secrets taking in the River Aire, moorland, woodland and the canal. The views are also breathtaking as you will be going up and down the hills all around the town.
A ramble in the Harden ValleyTiming: 5 hoursHard
10.4 Miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeThe Harden Valley, in the heart of the Brontë Country is definitely a little gem of a ramble on a nice sunny day! You won't be disappointed by the variety of features it has to offer: woods, waterfalls, viaduct, moors and of course the views!
Ilkley Moor WalkTiming: 5 hoursHard
11.8 Miles - Circular Walk
Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeIlkley Moor is one of the most iconic moors in Yorkshire and there are many features on this walk that might leave you speechless. And of course, the views from the top are quite something!

Do you want more walks?

The links below will take you to all the walks we have listed on this website regardless of the downloadable files. As well as our own self-guided walks, third party guided walks are also listed. All they have in common is Bingley!

Easy Walks in Bingley

Most of the easy walks listed can be done in less than 2 hours.

Moderate Walks in Bingley

All the moderate walks listed are half a day walks

Hard Walks in Bingley

All these hard walks listed will require at least one full day of your time