Christmas Themed Walk in Bingley

Thank you to everyone who came along to our fourth Christmas Themed walk organised on 10th December 2023. Please find below some pictures taken during the day.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year! Best Foot Forward!

A Christmas Walk in Bingley

Our special Christmas themed walk was very festive indeed! On Sunday 10th December at 10 o'clock, we had a gentle pre-Christmas stroll. We started by walking through Myrtle Park on to Cottingley Bridge. From there we eventually picked up the canal and amble on to the Five Rise Locks. We had to do a bit of climbing (we are in a valley after all!) weaving our way up to the Prince of Wales Park. Once in the park we headed to a seating area where we had a short break.

Mince Pies

Come and enjoy a mince pie and mulled wine with us!

Santa Hat Banner

We've organised a Christmas Walk every year since 2018. From 2019 to 2022, we sang carols along the way at various stations in town. We called the walk a “Jingle Bell Stroll" and almost all our Committee members took part. Oh! And Santa hats, jumpers, ties and earrings were always welcome to add to the festivities!

December 2023 Walk

Despite the rain, 20 walkers went on our Christmas Themed walk. Starting on Riverside walk, through Myrtle Park, on Beckfoot Lane, Wagon Lane, Leeds and Liverpool Canal up to Three Rise Locks and up the snickets to finally arrive at Prince of Wales Park.

By the time they arrived it was a bit soggy wet but a good time was had by all. There, they shared mince pies and mulled wine in the picnic area before they set off back down Park Road.

Christmas Themed Walk 2023

At the beginning of our Christmas Themed Walk

Group of walkers enjoying a break

Our group of walkers enjoying a break in Prince of Wales Park

Mice Pies and Mulled Wine

Once of our committee members bringing Mince Pies and Mulled Wine

People sharing mince pies

Our group of walkers enjoying some mince pies

Elves on small train

Dressed up for the occasion, two elves enjoying a break on a small train

People sharing mulled wine

Our group of walkers enjoying some mulled wine

December 2022 Walk

What a glorious winter’s day for our third Jingle Bell Stroll. Sturdy footwear was the order of the day for the icy conditions as we walked up to 5 Rise Locks along the Leeds Liverpool Canal to Dowley Gap and back along Beckfoot Lane to Myrtle Park.
Along the way we sang carols and Christmas songs at various points and finished off by enjoying a hot drink and mince pies at Tarquins Tea Rooms And Bar Myrtle Park Bingley.

Jingle Bell Stroll 2022 - Start at Bingley Town Square

Start of the walk on Bingley Town Square

Jingle Bell Stroll - Committee Members

Our committee members dressed for the occasion

Jingle Bell Stroll - Five Rise

At Five Rise Locks singing!

Jingle Bell Stroll - Cottingley Bridge station

The group singing at Cottingley Bridge station

Santa Hat Banner

December 2021 Walk

What a success we had for our second Jingle Bell Stroll Carol singing walk! Our walk leaders Linda and Jenny took 41 walkers to Five Rise Locks Cafe, Bridge Bakery & Barista and Tarquins Tea Rooms and Bar Myrtle Park Bingley where we enjoyed mulled wine and mince pie! Below are the pictures taken at each stations in Bingley. Thank you!

Jingle Bell Stroll 2021 - Start at Bingley Town Square

Start of the walk on Bingley Town Square

Jingle Bell Stroll 2022 - Stop at Five Rise Locks

Stop at Five Rise Locks

Jingle Bell Stroll 2022 - Second Stop at Bridge Bakery & Barista

Second Stop at Bridge Bakery & Barista

Jingle Bell Stroll 2022 - Last Stop at Tarquins

Last Stop - Tarquins in Myrtle Park

Santa Hat Banner

December 2019 Walk

We were very pleased with our first Jingle Bell Stroll and we hope you enjoyed the Christmas Carols as much as we did! Below are the pictures taken at each stations in Bingley. Thank you!

Jingle Bell Stroll - Market Square

First stop: Market Square

Jingle Bell Stroll - Five Rise Café

Second stop: Five Rise Café

Jingle Bell Stroll - Five Rise Shopping Centre

Third stop: Five Rise Shopping Centre

Jingle Bell Stroll - Tarquin's Tea Room

Fourth stop: Tarquin's Tea Room in Myrtle Park

December 2018 Walk

For our 2018 Christmas Themed Walk “Paint the Town Red", 14 people joined us to celebrate the festive season – have you noticed the hats! Cedric and Christine took the group in the Cottingley Woods for a 2 hours walk blessed with a gorgeous sunshine. We then finished in the Tarquins Café in Myrtle Park where we had mulled wine and mince pies!

Christmas Themed Walk

Paint the town red! Festive season themed walk

Tarquins customers enjoying mulled wine and mince pies

A well deserved break! Mulled Wine & Mince Pies at Tarquins

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