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Plastic waste is a real issue and is currently a big environmental focus around the world. It's negative effect on the health of our oceans is undeniable – between 8 and 12 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year and over 80% of it is coming from land-based sources. Reducing plastic waste in a town like Bingley is therefore a step in the right direction.

This is why when we heard of the Refill App we got very interested. The App allows businesses to register that they will refill water bottles free of charge. This means that you don't have to buy a new bottle of water every time you go out for a walk! With the App you will find the nearest refill stations and can walk-in and get your bottle refilled with tap water for free.

That's less plastic waste and good news for walkers! Many Walkers are Welcome towns are taking this up, with Hebden Bridge leading the way.

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Walkers are Welcome logo - Small SizeWe are going to list all our supporters taking part into this initiative

So take a look at our list of cafés, pubs and restaurants in the next coming weeks as we will be adding the refill logo next to the participants!

Support the local schemes

Yorkshire Water is committed to the refill scheme and has launched its own campaign called Yorkshire on Tap. You might see them round the district at certain events. At their stand you can refill your bottle from a tap which looks like an ale hand pump!

Bradford District has now an official Refill scheme in place too. Contact them using the social media . And please like and follow them!


Screenshots from the app

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Refill Screenshot 02
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