February 2020 floods and footpaths damages

Recent weather storms Ciara and Dennis have really put a strain on our local communities and the Airedale valley was once again flooded in many parts included Bingley. Throughout February, weeks of rain fell on multiple occasions in just a few hours and brought flash flooding all around. Now that the weather is starting to become more clement, we can see the damages left behind, especially along paths.

Working with sponsors for the community’s benefit

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As an organisation we are always looking for new ideas to raise funds. This is very important to keep the books balanced as we have a duty to report annually to the national Executive Committee in order to keep our accreditation. One of our aims is to increase economic footfall for the town and the local area. That’s why having so many supporters displaying the Walkers are Welcome logo on their door or shop window is great publicity.

Northern Get Together 2019 in Bingley

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We are very pleased to announced that the next Walkers are Welcome Northern Get Together will be hosted in Bingley! We gained our accreditation in January 2015 and had a very successful launch the following April. Having attended several regional Get-Togethers in the past, we feel confident that we can deliver a successful meeting and are looking forward to the challenge!

Autumn Walks in Bingley and Surroundings

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The days are now shorter and despite the clock changing, there is no doubt we are seeing less light. Does it mean we shouldn’t go out and enjoy our beautiful town and its surroundings. Of course not! And actually autumn walks can be the best you will do during the year.