Are you looking for an easy self-guided walk, a stroll or an amble in Bingley and surroundings? Is a 1 mile walk enough for you? No more than 2 hours? You’ve found the right page for it!

Listing of easy self guided walks in Bingley & surroundings

Walk TitleDifficultyDistanceSource
The Bingley Five Rise Locks Family WalkTiming: 1 hour
2.1 miles - Circular Walk
Bradford Fairtrade Way - Shipley to BingleyTiming: Approx. 1 hour and 30 mins3 miles - Linear Walk
Micklethwaite and the Three and Five Rise LocksTiming: Approx. 2 hours3.5 miles - Circular Walk
Fields & Farms North of EldwickTiming: Approx. 2 hours3.5 miles - Circular Walk
Discovering Bingley – A walk around the townTiming: 1 & 1/2 hours3.6 miles - Circular Walk
Wildlife WalkTiming: 1 hour 30 minutes3.9 miles - Circular Walk
Morton East and WestTiming: Approx. 2 hours4 miles - Circular Walk
Between Two Waters and the Seven Arches AqueductTiming: 1 hour 30 minutes4.2 miles - Circular Walk
Aire Valley Woodland and WaterTiming: Approx. 2 hours4.5 miles - Circular Walk

Sources of easy self-guided walks

Walkers are Welcome logo

Bingley Walkers are Welcome Walks

We have a selection of easy self-guided walks in Bingley for you. We aim to add even more in the forthcoming future.

Visit Bradford Tourist Office Walks

The local tourist office has put together a series of circular and linear self-guided walks for visitors and residents alike.

Bradford Fairtrade Way

Which Ordnance Survey Map for Bingley?

The Explorer Ordnance Survey (O.S.) map for Bingley is 288 “Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale”. All the easy self-guided walks described below would need this map.
Ordnance Survey - 288 Map

"Bradford & Huddersfield - East Calderdale" 288 Map

Circular Walk – 2.1 Miles – 1 hour

This easy canal walk which features one of the ‘seven wonders of the waterways’ mainly uses the towpath. It is suitable for everyone and is also pram friendly!

Linear Walk – 3 Miles – 1 & 1/2 hour

An ideal family walk with plenty of industrial heritage and natural history, as well as some close up views of the magnificent structures along the Bingley bypass road.

Circular Walk – 3.5 Miles – 2 hours

An urban walk on the fringe of the countryside with lots of interest. You’ll go via the typical Dales village of Micklethwaite, finishing along the towpath of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Circular Walk – 3.5 Miles – 2 hours

Quite an easy walk with no steep hills, walking mainly on farmland footpaths and along reservoirs to the north of Eldwick.

Circular Walk – 3.6 Miles – 1 & 1/2 hour

This easy walk will take you all around town on a walk of discovery! It’s one of our favourites and is perfect for first time visitors or residents alike.

Circular Walk – 3.9 Miles – 1 & 1/2 hour

An easy wildlife walk whcih will take you along the riverside and through woodlands. Good chances to see deers and kingfishers!

Circular Walk – 4 Miles – 2 hours

An ideal family walk between Crossflatts and Riddlesden offering good views along the valley. Walking on mainly field paths, ginnels, estate roads and the canal with a bit of hill climbing towards West Morton.

Circular Walk – 4.2 Miles – 1 & 1/2 hour

The River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool canal form an easy to follow route on this walk. You will also see a local architectural wonder known locally as the “Seven Arches Aqueduct".

Circular Walk – 4.5 Miles – 2 hours

An ideal family walk between woodland and water with plenty of industrial heritage and natural history, as well as some close up views of the magnificent structures along the Bingley bypass road.

Easy Health Walks in Bingley

If you feel it might be a bit too much for you, why not join one of the three weekly health walks available in the town? They are organised by Champions Show the Way part of the NHS Bradford District Care Trust.

Bingley WaW Sunday Walks

Why not join us on one of our regular guided walks every 2nd Sunday of the month?They are about 5 miles long (2 hours) and will give you the opportunity to discover the area in and around Bingley.

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