Our Monthly Sunday Walks

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What are our monthly Sunday walks?

Bingley Walkers are Welcome Sunday Walks always take place on the second Sunday of every month starting outside Bingley Arts Centre at 10am.

The walks will be approximately five miles / 2 hours

Next walk: Sunday 8th April, 10:00am

Time left to the next walk

Table of Content - Bingley WAW Monthly Sunday Walks

What do you need?

Bring liquid refreshment and wear walking boots.

After the walk we usually have lunch or a drink in one of the town’s welcoming cafés. Most of them now display our “Walkers are Welcome” stickers in their windows.

Where to meet?

What: Bingley Walkers are Welcome Monthly Sunday Walks

When: Second Sunday of every month – 10:00 AM


Bingley Arts Centre
Main Street
West Yorkshire
BD16 2LZ

Grid Reference: SE 106 390

Price: £ 0.00 – It’s free!

Important Additional Information:

  • Whilst leaders take every care, your comfort and safety are your own responsibility.
  • The pace of the walk is appropriate to the distance and the available time. We ask that walkers accept the pace set.
  • Dogs (on a short lead) are welcome on most walks but please get in touch with us before hand (Facebook or Web contact form)
  • Under-18 year old people to be accompanied by a responsible adult
Walkers above Bingley on one of our regular Sunday walks

Group of walkers admiring the view above Bingley

Hope you can join us!

Dates for your diaries are:

  • Sunday 8th April – Meet 10:00am – walk leader Ronda Christensen
  • Sunday 13th May – Meet 10:00am – walk leader Heather Weatherhead
  • Sunday 10th June – Meet 10:00am – walk leader Sue Dennis

Or use this iCal Google calendar and import it in your phone so you never forget any of our walks!

Our past Sunday walks:

Did you go on any of the following walks? Don’t hesitate to give us some feedback by leaving a comment below!

Sunday 11th March - Meet 10:00am - walk led by Michael McCabe
March 2018 - To Micklethwaite and back!

Considering it was Mother's Day, 15th people made it to our monthly walk. The weather was great and the group went all the way to Micklethwaite and back to Bingley!
Sunday 11th February - Meet 10:00am - walk led by Sue Dennis
February 2018 - To Hirst Wood via Cottingley Bridge

Despite the very inclement weather conditions, we had a great turnout again - 17 well behaved adult in total + Tintin the dog! Sue lead us on Beckfoot Lane to Cottingley Bridge then along the river to Hirst Wood before we returned to town on the canal.
Sunday 14th January - Meet 10:00am - walk led by Linda Howell
January 2018 Walk - St Ives via Altar Lane Walk

What a great start for our New Year walk with 35 people and 3 well behaved dogs! Linda took the group out of Bingley, over Ireland Bridge up Altar Lane , cut through to St Ives, round through woods, edge round golf course, past Lady Blantyres, Coppice Pond, along the bottom of St Ives, cut down to Beckfoot Lane then back into the park.
Sunday 10th December - Meet 10:00am - walk led by Michael McCabe
December 2017 Walk - Winter Walk

The weather didn't deter walkers for our December monthly walk and we took them on a preview of our Sir Fred Hoyle walk in Crossflatts. All the cold weather was forgotten when we enjoyed warm drinks and complimentary mince pies at Tarquins in Myrtle Park.
Sunday 12th November - Meet 10:00am - walk led by Ronda Christensen
November 2017 Walk - from Bingley to Saltaire and back

On this walk, Ronda took 15 people to the boundaries of Saltaire via the river and canal and back.
Sunday 8th October – Meet 10:00am – walk led by Susan Hart and Michael McCabe.

October 2017 Walk - Walk & Talk at St Ives

Bingley Walkers are Welcome were delighted to organise a history walk & talk event with the Friends of St Ives. Our walk leaders Susan & Mike took 14 people through St Ives estate and its mansion. We went behind the curtain and were able to visit places not open to the public normally.
Sunday 10th September – Meet 10:00am – walk led by Linda Howell and Christine Smith.

September 2017 Walk - Druid's Altar

Our duo of leaders took 13 brave people on a walk around the St Ives boundaries with the Druid's Altar as the highlight.
Sunday 13th August - Meet 10:00am - walk led by Ronda Christensen

August 2017 Walk

17 people followed Ronda on an history walk around Bingley and Crossflatts! We went down Main Street and up to Bailey Hills, through the cemetery down to the main road by Bingley Grammar School, down Castlefields to the river and cottages then up Slennighford Road and through North Bog and back on the canal. Nice walk and just right for the warm weather. Everyone enjoyed it and very few had ever been in the cemetery!
Sunday 9th July – Meet 10am – walk led by Cedric Farineau

July 2017 Walk

We had 14 people joining this walk on a glorious Summer day. We went up to Gilstead Craggs to admire the Aire Valley with miles of clear views. Then we went to Milner Fields Estate and had a look at the old mansion remains - once the residence of Titus Salt Jnr, the youngest son of Sir Titus Salt. We went back to Bingley following the River and the Canal via Dowley Gap.
Sunday 11th June – Meet 10am – walk led by Linda Howell and Chris Smith

June Sunday Walk

It was great to see so many new faces enjoying the countryside around our town on our June walk! Thanks to Linda and Chris for leading their first walk for us with a group of 22 people.
Sunday 14th May – Meet 10am – walk led by Christine & Mike McCabe

May Sunday Walk - Gilstead and Hirst Woods

Another great turnout of 27 people on this beautiful day! The walk took us up to Three Rise Locks then up the ginnels and out into Park Road. Following the walk uphill we went up towards Gilstead Craggs before heading off to Gilstead and down Primrose Lane to the North Lodge of Milner Fields Estate, then down to Hirst Lock and then back through Hirst Woods and along the canal to Bingley.
Sunday 9th April – Meet 10am – walk led by Sue Dennis

April Sunday Walk - Up to St David’s Ruin and back

On a gloriously hot morning, a group of 16 crossed Shipley Golf Course, walked through the woods and fields up to Lee Lane before circling back to take in the folly ‘St David’s Ruin’ and the Packhorse Bridge at Beckfoot, returning to the centre of Bingley via Myrtle Park.
Sunday 12th March - Meet 10am - walk led by Cedric Farineau

March Sunday Walk - Micklethwaite

A glorious Spring day, walk leader Cedric took us up the ginnels to Lady Lane and then along to pretty Micklethwaite before we made our way back along the canal to town. Several walkers stopped by "Five Rise Cafe" on the way back and several lingered a while after the walk at "The Coffee Lounge" and enjoyed the Spring sunshine.
Sunday 12th February - Meet 10am - walk led by Ronda Christensen

February Sunday Walk - St Ives Estate boundaries

On a very cold day, 24 people turned up for this walk! Ronda took us around the boundaries of St Ives Estate. Once at the top of Altar Lane, the weather even turned for the worst but we all made it back down to town eventually for a nice warm drink at The Coffee Lounge!
Sunday 8th January - Meet 10am - walk led by Cedric Farineau

January Sunday Walk - Between Two Waters

Cedric took a group of 21 walkers on the first walk of the year 2017. It was a very gentle and easy walk "Between Two Waters".

The picture here is taken on the famous "seven arches" bridge; on the left is the Leeds and Liverpool canal, on the right is the River Aire and of course in the middle are our brave walkers... "between two waters"!
Sunday 11th December - Meet 10am - walk led by Ronda Christensen with the help of little elves (Christine, Michael, Arthur & Chris)

December Sunday Walk

Ronda took no less than 35 walkers on this Christmas Themed Walk. Everyone was up for a treat when halfway through mince pies and mulled wine were distributed by Ronda's elves. Thanks to everyone who participated and put on a Red Santa Hat for the occasion!
Sunday 13th November - Meet 10am - walk led by Christine & Michael McCabe

November Sunday Walk

Christine and Michael took a group of 29 walkers - our biggest turn up so far! - on a beautiful autumnal stroll. They went along the canal and River Aire to Hirst Lock , through Milner Fields estate to Gilstead and back down into town. On finishing the walk a few went in Bingley Arts Centre where the WI were serving coffee and Danish pastries after the Remembrance Service and another group went to The Coffee Lounge.
Sunday 9th October - Meet 10am - walk led by Cedric Farineau

October Sunday Walk

For this short walk, Cedric took our group of 16 people on the Wildlife Walk - Deer and Riverside. We were delighted to see a kingfisher but no deer - just footprints!
Sunday 11th September – Meet 10am – walk led by Ronda Christensen

Spooky yew trees at St Ives!

Ronda took a group of 17 people on the outskirts of St Ives on a very pleasant and sunny day - so good that we forgot to take a picture of the moment! Instead we are giving you some spooky trees. Yew are among the many species of trees growing on the estate.
Sunday 14th August – Meet 10am – walk led by Christine McCabe

August 2016 Walk

Christine stepped up to replace Ronda on this walk who unfortunately had hurt herself and couldn't walk. Christine took the group along the canal and then through Mickletwaite before returning back to town.
Sunday 10th July – Meet 10am – walk led by David Smith

July 2016 Walk

With David our group went straight up to Gilstead Moor (see picture) and then made their way back in town via Prince of Wales Park, Mickelthwaite and then a gentle walk along the canal and river bank.
Sunday 12th June – The Red White and Blue Walk – Meet 10am – walk led by Ronda

June 2016 Walk

In celebration of the Queen’s 90th Birthday, this was a RED WHITE BLUE WALK and our walkers were invited to wear something colourful for this special occasion. Our leader Ronda, took us through Cottingley to arrive in Mercure Bankfield where a garden party was underway!
Sunday 8th May – Meet 10am – walk led by Cedric Farineau

May 2016 Walk

Cedric took our group of walkers on an "industrialisation and urbanisation" themed walk. Going through residential areas and then along the River Aire, we were able to appreciate the urban diversity and sprawling aspects of Bingley.
Sunday 10th April – Meet 10am – walk led by Ronda Christensen

April 2016 Walk

Ronda lead our walkers towards the Prince of Wales Park, a beautiful wooded area in town.
Sunday 13th March – Meet 10am – walk led by Cedric Farineau

March 2016 Walk

This was a slightly longer walk than usual where our regular Sunday walkers were taken by Cedric through St Ives Estate meadows towards Harden and then up to Cottingley Woods to look at the St David's folly built by the Ferrands before going back in town.
Sunday 14th February – Meet 10am – walk led by David Smith

February 2016 Walk

A special St Valentine's day walk where each walker received a red heart shaped sticker and during the walk two heart shaped chocolate sweets! David took the group to Hirst Wood and stopped at the new Cottingley Beck bridge which had just been rebuilt following the December's floods.
Sunday 10th January – Meet 10am – walk led by Ronda Christensen

January 2016 Walk

On this winter walk, Ronda took 11 walkers. The walk was only a couple of weeks after the big floods of 26th December in Bingley, a sad event that ravaged many households and destroyed many footpaths around town.
Sunday 13th December – Meet 10am – walk led by John Chadwick

December 2016 Walk

We asked our friends at the Ramblers Bradford Group to help out and lead a walk for us. John kindly accepted and took a small group of brave people on a cold December day up to Cottingley and back in town.
Sunday 8th November – Meet 10am – walk lead by Ronda Christensen

November 2015 Walk

This walk was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous local man and astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle. Ronda took our group along the canal and up to Gilstead where we visited various places frequented by the then young to be scientist.
Sunday 10th October – Meet 10am – walk led by Cedric Farineau

October 2015 Walk

With the Autumn colours setling in, Cedric took our walkers in the wooded areas of Bingley and finished the walk on top of Gilstead Craggs before returning to town.
Sunday 13th September – Meet 10am – walk led by David Smith

Walkers crossing over the Pack Horse Bridge in Bingley (Harden Beck)

Our group of walkers were up for a treat with this short walk along the River Aire and the St Ives Estate lead by David.
Sunday 9th August – Meet 10am – walk led by Cedric Farineau

August 2015 Walk

Cedric took our group of walkers on the edge of Eldwick and Gilstead before going back to Bingley.
Sunday 12th July 2015 – Meet 10.30am – walk led by Ronda Christensen

View of Micklethwaite Bridge on Leeds and Liverpool Canal

On this walk, Ronda took us to East Morton with the lovely views over the valley and onto the delightful Micklethwaite.

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